Christan and Saskia are students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. We're in the Technology, Innovation, and Education program. We're both graphic designers. We've both taught technology courses. We're both interested in the intersections of design and technology. We both value making and creating. We both submitted images to a Twitter background design contest for a class we're taking together, and we both won. We both want all the things ( ! ). Naturally, we decided to join forces. This site is our final project for a class called Designing for Learning by Creating and serves as our final paper as well (hence the academic-y pieces). We hope you enjoy our thoughts!


We believe in the power of technology to transform education. We worry, though, that the influx of ipads and Chrome Books and smartboards at schools will result in a passive culture of clicking, browsing, and watching. Technology has, in the words of Seymour Papert, the potential to "program the child"; instead, the child should program the computer. By program, we don't necessarily mean coding. (But we're ALL for coding.) We mean using the computer as a tool to create, innovate, and make. We're excited about the potential of the maker movement (Think 3D printers, laser cutters, Rasberry Pis; see this, this, this, and this) to help guide us towards a culture where learners are using technology to create, produce, and design. GMS is our attempt at bringing these ideas to spaces where people would not normally interact with creative experiences.


We want GMS to fit seamlessly into the fabric of daily life. We try to keep things as simple as possible: see, make something, enjoy. We show up at unexpected places with a plastic bucket full of things to make with, two laptops, and a handful of MaKey MaKeys, and we go from there.

[ Site images by Saskia Leggett and Lisa Hiton / Site icons by Christan Balch. ]